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Marathon Recovery Nutrition

Running a marathon places high demands on three systems to supply energy for muscle contraction. In the first 30 seconds, the phosphagenic system uses creatine phosphate. For the next 3 minutes, the anaerobic system uses glycogen without oxygen....


Marathon Nutrition Plan: 30 years of success.

Caveats: 1. Do not change your nutrient intake within the month before a marathon. 2. This plan is not recommended for ultras. How the Body Works (Physiology): Although a few studies suggest carbohydrate loading is beneficial, many show...


Does a pre-run bagel improve performance?

2002 Nobel Prize winner Professor Daniel Kahneman describes a fast brain system based on emotion and reflex which accepts and believes suggestions, exaggerations and improbable. The slow brain system he describes facilitates critical thinking...


We're excited to re-introduce Dr. Jeff Shapiro to our SFM community. If you're looking to improve your health and performance, you know an overwhelming amount of information and opinion is conflicting, counterproductive or harmful.

We're giving Dr. Jeff a platform to address this.

In his articles, Dr. Jeff will discuss exercise and nutrition physiology (how the body works) allowing you to ignore chatter and reject myths. For example, should you carbohydrate load and/or eat during running? Are pills on SFM weekend harmful? After graduating from Stanford and Yale, Dr. Jeff served as medical director of the San Francisco Marathon for a decade, completed and lectured at 50 marathons and trained athletes to achieve peak organ function for 30 years.

Dr. Jeff appeared on ABC News' 20/20 "Super Humans," consulted for CBS News' 60 Minutes "The Toughest Race" and co-produced “Ultra Running” for The Late Show. At the 2023 San Francisco Marathon, Dr. Jeff received a standing ovation for his presentation on exercise/nutrition physiology and adverse effects of pills.

Since he teaches physiology, Dr Jeff’s presentations will read like science instead of a blog. Train Well with Dr Jeff starting in May 2024.

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