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Mountain Climbers w/ Coach Jorge

There’s no denying it: Mountain climbers are a great way to work out your arms and abs. Start in a high plank, and make sure your hands are shoulder-width apart. Then, engage your glutes and your core as you lift one foot off the ground, bend your knee, and bring your knee in toward your chest. Then, kick it back out and re-assume your plank. Repeat this with your other foot. And keep going until you feel adequately challenged.

If you’re new to mountain climbers, you may want to take them slow. And even if you do, you’ll still get a veritably tough workout. (Just make sure to focus on the quality of your movement!) If you want to make things a bit more challenging, increase the pace until your mountain climbers feel like a bona fide cardio workout.

You can also experiment with spiderman mountain climbers. Instead of bringing your knee in toward your chest, you bring your knee around to meet your elbow. This will challenge your hips and glutes a bit more, but it won’t lend itself very well to cardio.

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